Maximizing Speed and Progress

Experienced sailors know that sailing directly to the mark will often not achieve maximum speed. Instead, the wiser choice is the point of sail that achieves the ideal combination of speed and progress toward the destination to maximize the sailboat’s velocity. This is known as Velocity Made Good, and it's the founding principle behind our name.

Value-Added Investing

Developed and refined through years of working closely with founders and management teams, our tool kit delivers proven strategies and resources for building strong brands and driving business growth.

  • Events

    VMG organizes and hosts a variety of educational and social events to deepen relationships across the entire consumer industry and to forge stronger connections with its partner brands.

    Consumer Products Ecosystem

    - Industry events aimed at connecting and networking with broad assortment of consumer brands, operators, retailers, and other industry constituents
    - Examples include VMG’s networking events at top consumer trade shows, including Expo West, Expo East, SuperZoo, and Fancy Foods, among others

    VMG Family

    - VMG-centric events focused on fostering connections with and between VMG portfolio companies
    - Examples include VMG’s Annual Symposium (topics have included: influencer marketing, leveraging social media & digital content to build brand, evolution of ecommerce & grocery delivery, and Amazon & the changing retail landscape), VMG’s Founder / CEO retreat, Founder / CEO breakfasts, quarterly portfolio company roundtable discussions, etc.

    Industry Thought Leaders

    - More intimate events held to foster discussion among influential industry figures
    - Examples include recurring dinners in key markets such as the Bay Area, Austin, Boulder, NYC, etc. with notable area CEOs, founders, and other key executives


  • Talent Management & Recruiting

    We know that extraordinary companies are built by extraordinary people, and sometimes that’s the most challenging and time-consuming part to get right. VMG has a vast network of branded consumer products managers at all levels to help build emerging brands and our VP of Talent enables us to provide a customized set of candidates to fill each need.

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  • Branding

    The most important asset of any consumer company is its brand. We help companies define and focus brand essence, identify target consumers, develop unique positioning strategies, and refine product packaging to accelerate awareness and growth.



  • Field Teams

    Today’s brands must be pros at In-Market Activation. In our opinion, it’s about on-the-ground merchandising, sampling, and storytelling, being smarter as you scale, and building the team with the right people.


  • Channel & Distribution Strategy

    Not every sale is a good sale. VMG works closely with management teams to carefully craft channel and product strategy customized for each brand.


  • Legal & Regulatory Guidance

    We help Founders grow fearlessly by protecting their businesses through our experienced network of in-house legal as well as outside experts and regulatory advisors.


  • Exit Strategy

    Long-term value creation is about much more than short-term sales growth. We recognize that Founders have created iconic brands, and VMG helps to ensure that strategic partners create value and remain good stewards capable of building on Founders’ legacies.


  • Influencers

    VMG has exclusive access to an extensive network of artists and influencers to support authentic brand building efforts, ensuring that our brands are able to reach their target consumers.


  • Supply Chain Management

    VMG has consistently been the first call Founders make when something breaks or grows beyond capacity. We partner extensively with Founders of high-growth brands to transform operational obstacles into catalysts for growth.


  • Digital Marketing & Social Media

    As brands look for ways to connect with their consumers in an increasingly social world, VMG offers guidance on best practices for social engagement and digital analytics tools to help its brands stand out across platforms.


  • E-Commerce

    Brands can no longer afford to be online OR offline – consumers have spoken and they demand how they want to engage with brands. We help Founders develop consumer-centric channel strategies.


  • Supporting Mission Driven Business

    The heart and soul of a business is its mission. At VMG, we support and encourage brands that promote positive social change. We know what it means to become a B-corp, spread acts of kindness around the world, and challenge the status quo – we gravitate towards brands disrupting categories with purpose and integrity.


Talent Management & Recruiting
Field Teams
Channel & Distribution Strategy
Legal & Regulatory Guidance
Exit Strategy
Supply Chain Management
Digital Marketing & Social Media
Supporting Mission Driven Business