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Bare Snacks® is the creator of delicious Snacks Gone Simple®. The Bare® product line features a range of simply baked fruit chips with a signature hearty crunch, including their cornerstone Apple Chips, Coconut Chips, and Banana Chips. Crafted from real, whole-food ingredients, Bare Snacks help consumers satisfy crunch cravings with the nutritious real fruit. Bare Snacks is a Certified B Corp and has been carbon neutral since 2012. Find them at natural, grocery, and mass retailers nationwide and online.

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Brad Oberwager

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San Francisco, CA


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A conversation with Founders & Partners

Brad Oberwager

“Starting a company is full of surprises. Twists and turns are not only inevitable, but good.”

When did you realize you were onto something big?

I went to a kid friendly party and they were serving the huge Costco bags [of Bare Snacks]. The host told me they were the best snack she had ever served her kids... and she confided that she ate them more often than the kids... Later that week Posh Spice Instagrammed that Bare Snacks were her go-to snack for travel. I sort of figured that we were on to something that week.

What are the parts of your personality that make you a born entrepreneur?

I like to jump in head first. Of course, I have had experiences where there was no water in the pool... But that is all part of it.

How do you recognize big wins?

One of the most important things I've learned is that it often takes years to know whether something is good news or bad news. Sometimes you never know. This has helped me in business and in life. Of course, I have celebrated the wins and bemoaned the losses. But sometimes those wins turned out to be not as special as I thought, and the losses similarly not as bad.

What’s something you carry with you everyday (aside from your phone)?

Fear of failure.

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