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Briogeo Haircare

Clean, high performing ingredients personalized for your hair type.

A refreshing deviation from a market saturated with products backed by big-name celebrity stylists and deep-pocketed corporations, Briogeo takes it back to basics, offering a high-performance, hair care collection that is naturally based, yet performance driven to provide visible results.

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Nancy Twine

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Beauty & Personal Care


New York, NY


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A conversation with Founders & Partners

Nancy Twine

“Being able to persevere during the toughest times is what makes it possible to experience the successful times.” — Nancy Twine, CEO

When was your first a-ha moment with your company. When did you really realize you were onto something big?

Launching Scalp Revival was a big turning point for the brand. Briogeo was originally rooted in clean cleansing and treatment solutions for the hair, and the launch of Scalp Revival put us on the map as one of the early pioneers in the Skinification of Hair movement… Scalp Revival is a leader in prestige scalp care and has won several awards, including a covered Allure Best of Beauty and CEW award.

When did you know that partnering with a growth equity firm made sense for your business?

As the sole founder of the company, I relied heavily on my own strategic intuition for driving the growth of the brand over the past 6 years. As the brand has continued to scale considerably, bigger challenges and opportunities have arisen for the business and I realized that to successfully tackle what’s ahead… VMG has such an incredible track record of helping companies to build the right teams and for offering strategic advice and insight to senior leadership.

You built a brand but also a successful business. What do you know today that you didn’t know when you began? What are the parts of your personality that make you a born entrepreneur?

I’ve always been a relentlessly optimistic person — I believe anything is possible if you’re willing to truly work towards accomplishing a goal.

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