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The effectiveness of clinical skin care and the safety of natural ingredients

Drunk Elephant Skin Care was born out of founder Tiffany Masterson’s passion for ingredients and the effects they have on skin health. Their products work not only because of what's in them, but also because of what's not. Beyond avoiding the usual harmful toxins, Tiffany goes a step further by eliminating 6 “suspicious” ingredients (like sensitizing fragrances and essential oils) that she believes are at the root of many skin issues. Products are clean, safe, non-irritating, and clinically effective for all skin types.

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A conversation with Founders & Partners

Tiffany Masterson

“I had a hunch that my philosophy on skin and how to care for it would resonate with a lot of people.”

What inspired you to launch Drunk Elephant?

I identified 6 ingredients that I believed were at the root of my issues. Today I call them the Suspicious 6 because once eliminated, my skin returned to a clear, healthy and balanced state. I couldn't find products without one or more of the Suspicious 6, so I decided to make them myself.

Did you see the skin care trend on the horizon when you launched?

I had a hunch that my philosophy on skin and how to care for it would resonate with a lot of people. Also, in the midst of this wellness craze we are seeing, it’s a natural direction for people to take with their skin. That’s what I think is driving it.

Tell us about the creation of your logo.

I really wanted something that was more serious to balance out the playful name. One day I asked my daughter to get me a stack of paper and a sharpie. We sat down at the breakfast table and I said, ‘I'm just going to sit here and draw elephants until I come up with one that speaks to me...one that will be my logo....and I don't care if I have to sit here all day.’ She looked at me like I was crazy, which I have to admit is nothing unusual. First drawing out of the chute and there she was, my Drunk Elephant. It took me all of thirty seconds.

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