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Humm Kombucha

Bubble’s with benefits.

Humm Kombucha’s recipe is a thing of family legend: passed down from mother to son, son to his wife, wife to her best friend, and now to an ever-widening circle of friends. Founded five years ago as Kombucha Mama, Humm Kombucha rebranded in 2014 to prepare for expansion. From the company’s early days brewing in the founders’ kitchen to its newest full-scale brewery, Humm Kombucha remains focused on its core values of optimism, healthy business, partnership and quality.

Founders & Partners

Jamie Danek & Michelle Mitchell

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Bend, Oregon


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A conversation with Founders & Partners

Jamie Danek & Michelle Mitchell

“Since we spend the majority of our waking hours at our jobs, that the environment should be fulfilling rather than depleting.”

Can you recall a milestone that felt like a really big win?

Michelle: When we partnered with Target - it was our first big win for national distribution, and it felt like a really big win.

Why did partnering with a growth equity firm made sense for you?

Jamie: We were a bunch of entrepreneurs with only 2 people in the org with any CPG experience. We were looking for Genius money. We needed people that were really smart and really experienced to help take our company to the next level. That's when we decided to look for an equity partner.

What’s a great bit of advice you received recently?

Michelle: That just because you (I) believe in complete transparency, not everyone does, and for some, it creates more anxiety than grounding.

What are some skills you really had to work on and cultivate over the years?

The natural desire to get excited about everything I see, and learning to focus. Not making decisions on a whim but gathering more information before making a call.

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