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Kernel Season’s

As Seen in Movie Theaters, America’s #1 Popcorn Seasoning Brand

Founded in Chicago in 1999, Kernel Season’s has been "shaking up popcorn" with its line of popcorn seasonings and toppings for over ten years. Made with real and delicious ingredients, their products are found in most major retailers in addition to more than 3,000 movie theaters nationwide. With 15 flavors and counting, the possibilities are endless!

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Brian Taylor

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Elk Grove Village, IL


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A conversation with Founders & Partners

Brian Taylor

“Entrepreneurs have to be comfortable with the unknown.”

What drove you to start your company?

I was eating lots of popcorn in college and looking for ways to add flavor. Specifically, I was trying to recreate the BBQ flavor on potato chips for popcorn. This got me messing around in the kitchen with various ingredients and led to the idea of a popcorn seasoning company.

What was something VMG helped you realize about your business?

When I partnered with VMG and got to learn about their other portfolio company, I realized how "normal" we actually were. Many of our same considerations and challenges were shared across the portfolio. Also, the general ethos of the portfolio companies tended to be similar. I learned that the food industry is full of awesome people on missions to do great things.

What inherent qualities should entrepreneurs possess?

Entrepreneurs have to be comfortable with the unknown. Even though they often start with a clear vision of what they hope to achieve, the path to get there is not laid out perfectly. On that note, entrepreneurs need resilience to make it through the inevitable bumps in the road.

What’s one of the greatest bits of advice you’ve received this year?

Focus… it's especially hard to do when you're in the fortunate position of having many available options.

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