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One fine day, three friends had a revolutionary idea: to start a hummus company. A company that danced to a different drum. The founders believed that great food can brighten any day. Whether shoppers crave something traditional (White Bean), unique (Sriracha Carrot), kid-friendly (Beet), or adventurous (Extra Spicy 3-pepper), Lantana has them covered. All of their hummus flavors are non-GMO certified, Kosher certified, and vegan. Find them in the deli section in stores across the country.

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Bob Ferraro & Gil Oren

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Austin, TX


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A conversation with Founders & Partners

Bob Ferraro & Gil Oren

“You need the right product but the most important ingredients are the people.”—Gil Oren

Ok, fast-forward to that “ah hah” moment when your company was hatched

Bob Ferraro: I think that would be the moment we thought of using “other beans” to create hummus — that’s our key differentiator. Like I said, it’s the ingredients.

What else did you not know at the beginning?

The importance of being well-funded. It helps you do things like actually open an office and fill it with people to make up for your shortcomings.

It’s refreshing to hear a leader talk about shortcomings.

You have to be honest with yourself. When we started the company we all agreed it was important to know what we were good at and what we weren’t good at. That’s how you create successful partner relationships both internally and externally. So each of you can compensate for someone else’s weaknesses in a particular area.

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