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Nature’s Bakery is an on-the-go snacks and food brand that was founded in 2011 by father and son Dave and Sam Marson. The two set out on one simple mission: to create delicious, convenient snack and food products using high-quality, thoughtful ingredients. The founding philosophy of the brand is to keep it simple, have fun, and achieve balance in life through nature, activity, nutrition and community. Nature’s Bakery products are distributed online and in stores globally.

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Dave & Sam Marson

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Reno, NV


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A conversation with Founders & Partners

Dave & Sam Marson

We wanted to provide a better for you snack and at a family friendly price point.

What drove you to start your company?

We wanted to provide a better for you snack and at a family friendly price point.

When did you know that partnering with a growth equity firm made sense for your business?

Our trajectory of growth was so steep that it impacted cash flow and capacity.

What was something that the VMG team helped you to realize about your company?

That we were excellent at manufacturing!

What are the parts of your personality that make you a born entrepreneur?

As a coach and an athlete, I was focused on building a team and driven to set and attain goals.

One hundred years from now, what do you hope people say about your brand?

Nature's Bakery is an example of the American dream; family-founded business that grew into a major snack food company.

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