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Pretzel Crisps

You Don’t Have to Be An Amazing Cook to Be a Snack Genius

Pretzel Crisps® is a category-defining brand and the pioneer of reinventing the pretzel into a cracker. Introduced in 2004, Pretzel Crisps® reinvented the pretzel by delivering a great-tasting, natural, better-for-you snack and quickly attracted a loyal following. The brand originally gained breadth of distribution in the deli-bakery section of grocery stores and has since expanded into multiple classes of trade. They’re now sold to a diverse retailers nationally in the U.S. and in Canada.

Founders & Partners

Sara & Warren Wilson

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Princeton, NJ


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A conversation with Founders & Partners

Sara & Warren Wilson

Consumers understood our new multi-functional pretzel cracker concept and were willing to pay a premium price for it.

What drove you to start your company?

We had founded several other companies previously, but wanted to create a “better for you” lifestyle cracker/snack unlike anything else in the marketplace. Pretzels had been around for over 600 years, but prior to our innovation, no one had taken the middle out of a pretzel creating a flat, cracker alternative.

When did you know that partnering with a growth equity firm made sense for your business?

We were originally approached by strategic Fortune 500 companies to acquire our business, but realized that we still had a tremendous runway of growth left in our product line and thought it best to merge with a private equity firm to obtain maximum growth over the next several years.

What was something that the VMG team helped you to realize?

VMG immediately made us realize that we were an extremely lean company and the need to build out our management team. Also we had little to no experience with social media which would become a major advantage in growing this important part of our business by directly reaching the consumers.

The larger and more successful our company grew, we became targets for legal issues and VMG was there to help us negotiate through these difficult issues with their legal network and support.

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