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Sun Bum

Sun Care Products Formulated For Those Who Live & Love In The Sun

Sun Bum products are carefully formulated for those who live and love in the sun. Initially a small company from Cocoa Beach, Florida, Sun Bum started making products for friends and family. They don’t use focus groups, make decisions in a boardroom, hide ingredients or make bogus claims. They’re just a group of friends who know what works and what doesn’t, and they’re happy to share it. Trust The Bum.

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Tom Rinks & Adam & Tegan Francis

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Beauty & Personal Care


Encinitas, CA


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A conversation with Founders & Partners

Tom Rinks and Adam & Tegan Francis

“So far we’ve had a gut instinct about our growth and I think we need to continue to hold to that.”

What was your very first paying job? What did you learn from that?

Adam: Competitive Surfing – I was lucky enough to get paid to do something I loved at an early age. It taught me very quickly that you are your best asset. You need to stand out from the pack, promote yourself, build relationships, be competitive. Oh, and I learned that winning feels better than losing.

When was your first a-ha moment with your company. When did you really realize you were onto something big?

Tom: At our initial launch at Surf Expo (a trade show) in January 2010, the surfers were stealing our vinyl ape (Sonny) figures off our displays. The hard core skaters were putting our stickers on the show's big skate ramp, and snooty older women were placing orders for their high-end boutiques in Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Capturing the interest of such a diverse demographic is really rare and I knew we had it day one.

If you were going to start this brand/company from the very beginning, knowing what you know today, what would you do differently?

Adam: I think I’d try to enjoy the journey more. it’s hard when you’re passionate, competitive and relentless in a business environment. You become totally consumed by the business day and night. I now think there is opportunity to create more balance.

Start-ups often feel a tension between growth and stability. Have you had that experience?

Tegan: We’ve often turned down opportunities that would have meant growth for us, but it just didn’t feel right. So far we’ve had a gut instinct about our growth and I think we need to continue to hold to that. But it’s a delicate balance.

What’s something you carry with you everyday (aside from your phone)?

Tom: Regret, insecurity and a Pina Colada CocoBalm Lip Balm.

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