We live in a world where change is both inevitable and imperative. And we believe that’s a good thing.

Who we are
VMG is a leading investment firm that backs visionary consumer products and technologies. We’re committed to driving change in the world and elevating the entrepreneurs reshaping their industries. We play to win as a team, with diverse backgrounds, shared commitment, and mutual respect.

From beloved consumer products to emerging technologies, our goal is to back the companies that are charting a better path. We go beyond trends and cash-only investments, preferring to reimagine the future alongside the changemakers behind bold ideas.

The path to success is rarely a straight line

VMG stands for Velocity Made Good. The phrase, coined in the world of sailing, means that a straight line is rarely the optimal path. Quickly reaching your destination requires making the best use of your resources and adjusting the sails when necessary.

VMG has weathered changing conditions — good and bad — while helping entrepreneurs stay on course in the process. We’ve helped them anticipate change and adapt quickly, with the goal to never lose sight of the destination. The result: iconic brands and technologies that we believe have reshaped myriad industries and created measurable impact.

If you want ease and predictability, stick to the linear path, but don’t expect to go far. If you want to reach bold destinations with a brave and capable crew, chart a new direction with VMG.