Two of my core values are novelty and courage.

Let's start from the beginning. Describe yourself at, say, age 10?

Imaginative, curious, self-aware, and friendly.

You are very friendly! Before we leave your childhood, what advice from your parents stands out?

My dad always said “Hate’s a strong word.” Even if I just commented “I hate olives,” he made me question the word “hate.” It’s a powerful word that excludes the possibility of understanding and finding common ground.

Wow. So true. Also, do you actually not like olives?

Nope, count me out on dirty martinis.

And your mom?

Also dislikes olives and dirty martinis.

Ha! Any advice from her?

Oh, yes! Her work ethic and courage (she started a woman-owned law firm) is something that found its way into my DNA, I think. I’m certainly not as badass as my mother but I like to believe that working hard and leaning into new experiences rings true for me, too. Two of my core values are novelty and courage.

What were your first jobs?

I babysat early on and then at 14, when I was old enough for an official payroll, I became a camp counselor. According to the staff, at first, I was “a child watching children.” I suppose I managed to build trust eventually because I ended up working there for three summers.

Trust is such a key pillar within effective organizations. Tell me more about how you found your way into the world of People or “HR”?

I studied public health, which in time, evolved to focusing on the “health” of organizations. I believe curating a workplace environment – of warmth, inclusivity, approachability – is the most expedient route to building a culture of performance. I care deeply about each VMG team member and about our culture as a whole.

Now that we’re in present tense, what books are on your nightstand?

I’m reading “Radical Ritual—How Burning Man Changed the World” by Neil Shister.

Could have seen that coming. Burning Man— a celebration of community. What’s the book about?

The book explains how Burning Man is so much deeper than art installations, fluorescent costumes and parties. It’s a community of shared values like radical inclusion and participation. Diversity of thought and a sense of collective ownership is celebrated. Very similar to the values of my ideal workplace.

Say more about that.

Since I was a kid, I’ve loved to sing. I earned the nickname “hummingbird” from bopping around the pre-school playground humming to myself and daydreaming. I’ve always been a dreamer. Not to be corny, but my dream is to be a part of an organization that hums — where each member of a team feels appreciated and motivated by the impact they are creating.

Even if they hate olives?

Dislike. Not hate. Never hate.

I care deeply about each VMG team member and about our culture as a whole.

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